Grandparents Rights
Eaton Family Law Olive Branch

Children need competent, caring, consistent adults in their lives.  It hurts children when significant relationships with those they are bonded with are damaged.  Grandparents and other significant third parties are often overlooked as important caretakers.  Whether the issue is custody, visitation or foster-care, grandparents and other adults with significant relationships can have rights under Oregon law.

At Eaton Family Law & Mediation, LLC, our attorneys have seen many cases in which significant adults in children’s lives are denied visitation or custody, contrary to the children’s best interests.  This is sometimes seen when the Department of Human Services (formerly CSD or CPS) gets involved and removes a child from a parent’s home due to alleged child abuse or neglect.  It sometimes occurs when a child experiences the untimely death or disability of a parent.  We assist grandparents and other third parties in evaluating and asserting their legal rights so that they can continue to be a significant presence in the lives of the children who love them.  We also defend parents against third party claims when they are safeguarding their children’s best interests.

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