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The end of any partnership can be excruciating and troubling.  When partners are not married, it can be confusing, as legal rights are often not clearly defined.  If the parties do not have a written domestic partnership agreement or registered domestic partnership, the first task is to define the parties’ agreement to be domestic partners so that we can help our clients better determine what to expect when ending their relationship.

At every step along the way, the team at Eaton Family Law & Mediation, LLC, guides clients in resolving the issues rather than going to court, when possible.  If the domestic partnership is not evidenced by legal registration or a written domestic partnership agreement, the parties or court must establish the parties’ intent to establish a domestic partnership.  The law varies significantly as to how assets and liabilities are divided, the availability of spousal support, and the possible recovery of legal fees, depending on how the existence of a domestic partnership is established.  At Eaton Family Law & Mediation, LLC, our attorneys are skilled at navigating the intricacies of domestic partnership dissolutions.

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